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Behnaam Aazhang

Type Title
Digital Communication Systems
Carrier Frequency Modulation
Carrier Phase Modulation
Channel Capacity
Channel Coding
Convolutional Codes
Data Transmission and Reception
Demodulation and Detection
Detection by Correlation
Differential Phase Shift Keying
Digital Modulation Basics
Digital Transmission over Baseband Channels
Examples of Correlation Detection
Examples of Stochastic Processes
Examples with Matched Filters
Exercises on Systems and Density
Gaussian Processes
Geometric Representation of Modulation Signals
Homework 1 of Elec 430
Homework 2 of Elec 430
Homework 3 of Elec 430
Homework 5 of Elec 430
Homework 6 of Elec 430
Homework 7 of Elec 430
Homework 8 of Elec 430
Homework 9 of Elec 430
Huffman Coding
Information Theory and Coding
Intersymbol Interference
Introduction to Stochastic Processes
Linear Filtering
Matched Filters
Matched Filters in the Frequency Domain
Mutual Information
Performance Analysis
Performance Analysis of Antipodal Binary signals with Correlation
Performance Analysis of Binary Antipodal Signals with Matched Filters
Performance Analysis of Binary Orthogonal Signals with Correlation
Performance Analysis of Orthogonal Binary Signals with Matched Filters
Precoding and Bandlimited Signals
Pulse Amplitude Modulation Through Bandlimited Channel
Review of Probability Theory
Second-order Description
Shannon's Noisy Channel Coding Theorem
Source Coding
Typical Sequences
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