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C. Sidney Burrus

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Type Title
Automatic Generation of Prime Length FFT Programs
Basic Vector Space Methods in Signal and Systems Theory
Brief Notes on Signals and Systems
Derived copy of Brief Notes on Signals and Systems
Digital Signal Processing and Digital Filter Design (Draft)
Dynamics of Social Systems
Engineering -- A Modern Creative Discipline (incomplete)
Factoring Polynomials of High Degree
Fast Fourier Transforms
Fast Fourier Transforms (6x9 Version)
Large DFT Modules: 11, 13, 16, 17, 19, and 25. Revised ECE Technical Report 8105
Wavelets and Wavelet Transforms
A Bilinear Form for the DFT
A Matrix Times a Vector
A multiresolution formulation of Wavelet Systems
Algorithms for Data with Restrictions
Analog Filter Design
Appendix 1: FFT Flowgraphs
Appendix 2: Operation Counts for General Length FFT
Appendix 3: FFT Computer Programs
Appendix 4: Programs for Short FFTs
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix: A 31 Point FFT Program
Appendix: A 45 Point Circular Convolution Program
Appendix: A Matlab Program for Generating Prime Length FFT Programs
Appendix: Bilinear Forms for Linear Convolution
Appendix: Matlab Functions For Circular Convolution and Prime Length FFTs
Approximation with Other Norms and Error Measures
Bases, Orthogonal Bases, Biorthogonal Bases, Frames, Tight Frames, and unconditional Bases
Bilinear Forms for Circular Convolution
Block, Multi-rate, Multi-dimensional Processing and Distributed Arithmetic
Butterworth Filter Properties
Calculation of the Discrete Wavelet Transform
Chebyshev Filter Properties
Chebyshev or Equal Ripple Error Approximation Filters
Comments: Fast Fourier Transforms
Conclusions: Fast Fourier Transforms
Constrained Approximation and Mixed Criteria
Constructing the Operator (Design)
Continuous-Time Signals
Conversion of Analog to Digital Transfer Functions
Convolution Algorithms
Design of Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) Filters by Frequency Transformations
Direct Frequency Domain IIR Filter Design Methods
Discrete-Time Signals
Discrete-Time Systems
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