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The content in OpenStax-CNX comes in two formats: modules, which are like small "knowledge chunks," and collections, groups of modules structured into books or course notes, or for other uses. Our open license allows for free use and reuse of all our content.

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Kenneth Leroy Busbee

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Type Title
Appendix Materials for a Connexions Collection used as a College Course
Authoring Connexions Modules using Microsoft Word Documents
Effectively Using and Creating Connexions Lenses
Fortune Cookie Philosophy
How to Search and Browse the Connexions Web Site
Ideas and Tools for Improving Connexions Modules and Collections
Programming Fundamentals - A Modular Structured Approach using C++
Understanding the Vision of Connexions
Word Processing Essentials
Abbreviated Precedence Chart for C++ Operators
Academic or Scholastic Dishonesty
Adding Activities to a Connexions Module using Lesson Builder by SoftChalk
Address Operator
An Example of a Connexions Module Created by a Word Document
Arithmetic Assignment Operators
Arithmetic Operators
Array Data Type
Array Index Operator
Arrays and Functions
ASCII Character Set
Assignment Operator
Assignment vs Equality within C++
Author Acknowledgements - Fundamentals I using C++
Bloodshed Dev-C++ 5 Compiler/IDE
Boolean Data Type
Branching Control Structures
Branding a Connexions Lens
Browsing the Connexions Web Site
C++ Reserved Keywords
Case Control Structure
Character Data Type
Circular Nature of the Integer Data Type Family
Compiler Directives
Compound Statement
Conditional Compilation
Conditional Operator
Constants and Variables
Creating a Connexions Account
Creating a Connexions Collection
Creating a Connexions Module from a Word Document
Creating Workgroups within Connexions
Creative Commons Attribution License
Data Manipulation
Data Type Conversions
Data Types in C++
My Account
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