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Kevin Dowd

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High Performance Computing
Appendix B to "High Performance Computing": Looking at Assembly Language
Eliminating Clutter - Branches
Eliminating Clutter - Branches With Loops
Eliminating Clutter - Closing Notes
Eliminating Clutter - Exercises
Eliminating Clutter - Introduction
Eliminating Clutter - Other Clutter
Eliminating Clutter - Subroutine Calls
Floating-Point Numbers - Closing Notes
Floating-Point Numbers - Compiler Issues
Floating-Point Numbers - Effects of Floating-Point Representation
Floating-Point Numbers - Exceptions and Traps
Floating-Point Numbers - Exercises
Floating-Point Numbers - History of IEEE Floating-Point Format
Floating-Point Numbers - IEEE Operations
Floating-Point Numbers - Improving Accuracy Using Guard Digits
Floating-Point Numbers - Introduction
Floating-Point Numbers - More Algebra That Doesn't Work
Floating-Point Numbers - Reality
Floating-Point Numbers - Representation
Floating-Point Numbers - Special Values
Introduction to High Performance Computing
Language Support for Performance - Closing Notes
Language Support for Performance - Data-Parallel Problem: Heat Flow
Language Support for Performance - Explicity Parallel Languages
Language Support for Performance - FORTRAN 90
Language Support for Performance - High Performance FORTRAN (HPF)
Language Support for Performance - Introduction
Language Support for Performance - Problem Decomposition
Loop Optimizations - Basic Loop Unrolling
Loop Optimizations - Blocking to Ease Memory Access Patterns
Loop Optimizations - Closing Notes
Loop Optimizations - Exercises
Loop Optimizations - Introduction
Loop Optimizations - Loop Interchange
Loop Optimizations - Memory Access Patterns
Loop Optimizations - Nested Loops
Loop Optimizations - Operation Counting
Loop Optimizations - Programs That Require More Memory Than You Have
Loop Optimizations - Qualifying Candidates for Loop Unrolling
Loop Optimizations - When Interchange Won't Work
Memory - Cache Organization
Memory - Caches
Memory - Closing Notes
Memory - Exercises
Memory - Improving Memory Performance
Memory - Introduction
Memory - Memory Technology
Memory - Registers
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