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Marco F. Duarte

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Type Title
An Introduction to Compressive Sensing
Introduction to Compressive Sensing
Signal Theory
Signals and Systems
Adjoint Operators
Aliasing Phenomena
Anti-Aliasing Filters
Bases and frames
BIBO Stability of Continuous Time Systems
BIBO Stability of Discrete Time Systems
Calculus of Variations
Changing Sampling Rates in Discrete Time
Common Continuous Time Signals
Common Discrete Time Fourier Transforms
Common Discrete Time Signals
Common Fourier Series
Common Fourier Transforms
Compressible signals
Compressive processing of manifold-modeled data
Compressive sensor networks
Constrained Optimization
Constrained Optimization with Inequality Constraints
Continuity and Convergence of Functions
Continuous Time Aperiodic Signals
Continuous Time Circular Convolution and the CTFS
Continuous Time Convolution
Continuous Time Convolution and the CTFT
Continuous Time Fourier Series (CTFS)
Continuous Time Fourier Transform (CTFT)
Continuous Time Periodic Signals
Continuous Time Systems
Convergent Sequences, Cauchy Sequences, and Complete Spaces
Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT)
Discrete Time Aperiodic Signals
Discrete Time Convolution
Discrete Time Convolution and the DTFT
Discrete Time Fourier Transform (DTFT)
Discrete Time Impulse Function
Discrete Time Impulse Response
Discrete Time Processing of Continuous Time Signals
Discrete Time Systems
Discrete-Time Signal Operations
Dual Spaces
Eigendecomposition of Linear Operators
Eigenfunctions of Continuous-Time LTI Systems
Eigenfunctions of Discrete Time LTI Systems
Energy and Power of Continuous-Time Signals
Energy and Power of Discrete-Time Signals
Fenchel Duality
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