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António Espírito Santo

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Teaching and classroom laboratories based on the “eZ430” and "Experimenter's board" MSP430 microcontroller platforms and Code Composer Essentials
Address space
Addressing modes
Central Processing Unit (MSP430 CPU)
Central Processing Unit (MSP430X CPU)
Code Composer Essentials
Code Editor
Creating a Project
File history
Import and Export functionality
Introduction to CCE IDE
Introduction to Debug with CCE
Laboratory Communications: Lab1 - Echo test using the UART mode of the USCI module
Laboratory Communications: Lab2 - Echo test using SPI
Laboratory Communications: Lab3 - Echo test using I2C
Laboratory DAC: Lab1 - Voltage ramp generator
Laboratory DMA: Lab1 - Data Memory transfer triggered by software
Laboratory DMA: Lab2 - Sinusoidal waveform generator
Laboratory Flash memory: Lab1 - Flash memory programming with the CPU executing the code from flash memory
Laboratory Flash memory: Lab2 - Flash memory programming with the CPU executing the code in RAM
Laboratory GPIO: Lab1 - Blinking the LED
Laboratory GPIO: Lab2 - Blinking the LED half the speed
Laboratory GPIO: Lab3 - Toggle the LED state by pressing the push button
Laboratory GPIO: Lab4 - Enable/disable LED blinking by push button press
Laboratory Hardware Multiplier: Lab1 - Multiplication without hardware multiplier
Laboratory Hardware Multiplier: Lab2 - Multiplication with hardware multiplier
Laboratory Hardware Multiplier: Lab3 - RMS and active power calculation
Laboratory LCD controller: Lab1 - LCD message display
Laboratory Signal Acquisition: Lab1 - SAR ADC10 conversion
Laboratory Signal Acquisition: Lab2 - SAR ADC12 conversion
Laboratory Signal Acquisition: Lab3 - SD16_A ADC conversion
Laboratory Signal Acquisition: Lab4 - Voltage signal comparison with Comparator_A
Laboratory Timers: Lab1 - Memory clock with Basic Timer1
Laboratory Timers: Lab2 - Real Time Clock with Basic Timer1
Laboratory Timers: Lab3 - Memory Clock with Timer_A
Laboratory Timers: Lab4 - Buzzer tone generator
Laboratory Timers: Lab5 - Frequency measurement
MSP430 instruction set
MSP430 Main characteristics
Project Configuration details
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