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The content in OpenStax-CNX comes in two formats: modules, which are like small "knowledge chunks," and collections, groups of modules structured into books or course notes, or for other uses. Our open license allows for free use and reuse of all our content.

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Free High School Science Texts Project

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Type Title
Chemistry Grade 10 [CAPS]
Physics - Grade 10 [CAPS 2011]
Siyavula textbooks: Grade 10 Maths [CAPS]
Siyavula textbooks: Grade 10 Maths [NCS]
Siyavula textbooks: Grade 10 Physical Science
Siyavula textbooks: Grade 10 Physical Science [CAPS]
Siyavula textbooks: Grade 11 Maths
Siyavula textbooks: Grade 11 Physical Science
Siyavula textbooks: Grade 12 Maths
Siyavula textbooks: Grade 12 Physical Science
Siyavula textbooks: Wiskunde (Graad 10) [CAPS]
Siyavula textbooks: Wiskunde (Graad 11)
2D and 3D Wavefronts
2D and 3D Wavefronts: Diffraction
2D and 3D Wavefronts: Shock waves and sonic booms
2D and 3D Wavefronts: wavefronts, Huygen's principle and interference
Analitiese Meetkunde - Graad 10 [CAPS]
Analitiese Meetkunde: Cartesiese vlak en die afstand tussen twee punte
Analitiese Meetkunde: Gradiƫnt lyn
Analitiese Meetkunde: Middelpunt van 'n lyn
Analitiese Meetkunde: Opsomming en oefininge
Analytical Geometry - Grade 10 [CAPS]
Analytical Geometry; Calculation of the gradient line
Analytical Geometry; Cartesian plane & Distance between two points
Analytical Geometry; Midpoint of a line
Analytical Geometry; Summary & Exercises
Atomic Combinations - Grade 11
Atomic combinations: Covalent bonding and Lewis notation
Atomic combinations: Electronegativity and ionic bonding
Atomic combinations: Introduction
Atomic combinations: Metallic bonding
Atomic combinations: Oxidation numbers
Atomic combinations: Shapes of molecules
Atomic combinations: Writing chemical formulae
Atomic Nuclei
Atomic nuclei: dangers and uses of radiation
Atomic nuclei: Half-life
Atomic nuclei: introduction
Atomic nuclei: nuclear fission and fusion
Atomic nuclei: radioactivity and types of radiation
Atomic nuclei: sources of radiation
Atoomkombinasies: die skryf van chemiese formules
Atoomkombinasies: elektronegatiwiteit en ioniese binding
Atoomkombinasies: inleiding
Atoomkombinasies: kovalente binding en Lewis notasie
Atoomkombinasies: metaal binding
Atoomkombinasies: oksidasiegetalle
Atoomkombinasies: vorms van molekules
Average Gradient
Average Gradient - Grade 10 [CAPS]
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