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David Getman

Type Title
Conducting Historical Research: The Case of "Oriental Cairo"
Conducting Research with the British Parliamentary Papers
Studying Political Satire: "The Egyptian Red Book"
Understanding Material Culture: Deciphering the Imagery of the "Souvenir of Egypt"
Accessing Subscription-Based Electronic Resources
Analyzing Literary and Cultural References: Identifying the Texts in the Souvenir of Egypt
Analyzing Symbols in Artifacts: The Souvenir of Egypt
Borrowing Resources through Interlibrary Loan: Illiad
Categorizing Historical Documents: What is a Red Book?
Compiling a Bibliography: What else has Douglas Sladen written?
Conducting Research Using Microfiche, Microfilm and Microcard
Finding What You are Looking For in the British Parliamentary Papers
Getting the Whole Story From "The Egyptian Red Book": General Charles Gordon in Khartoum
How Does "Oriental Cairo" Compare With Similar Works?
Identifying Historical Figures: Putting Names to the Caricatures in "The Egyptian Red Book"
Identifying Historical Figures: The Souvenir of Egypt
Identifying the Flags of the Souvenir of Egypt
Introduction to Conducting Research with the British Parliamentary Papers
Introduction to Researching "Oriental Cairo"
Introduction to the "Souvenir of Egypt"
Locating Research Materials Using Meta-Catalogs: WorldCat
Researching Biography: Who is Douglas Sladen?
Searching Online Catalogs: WebCat
Studying Political Satire: Introduction to "The Egyptian Red Book"
Taking the “Souvenir of Egypt” Research Project to the Next Level
The British Parliament and its Papers
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