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Barbara Illowsky, Ph.D.

Type Title
Continuous Random Variables: Continuous Probability Functions
Continuous Random Variables: Homework
Continuous Random Variables: Introduction
Continuous Random Variables: Lab I
Continuous Random Variables: Practice 1
Continuous Random Variables: Practice 2
Continuous Random Variables: Review
Continuous Random Variables: Summary of The Uniform and Exponential Probability Distributions
Continuous Random Variables: Teacher's Guide
Continuous Random Variables: The Exponential Distribution
Continuous Random Variables: The Uniform Distribution
Descriptive Statistics: Box Plot
Descriptive Statistics: Descriptive Statistics Lab
Descriptive Statistics: Displaying Data
Descriptive Statistics: Histogram
Descriptive Statistics: Homework
Descriptive Statistics: Introduction
Descriptive Statistics: Measuring the Center of the Data
Descriptive Statistics: Measuring the Location of the Data
Descriptive Statistics: Measuring the Spread of the Data
Descriptive Statistics: Practice 1
Descriptive Statistics: Practice 2
Descriptive Statistics: Skewness and the Mean, Median, and Mode
Descriptive Statistics: Stem and Leaf Graphs (Stemplots), Line Graphs and Bar Graphs
Descriptive Statistics: Summary of Formulas
Descriptive Statistics: Teacher's Guide
Discrete Random Variables: Binomial
Discrete Random Variables: Common Discrete Probability Distribution Functions
Discrete Random Variables: Geometric (optional)
Discrete Random Variables: Homework
Discrete Random Variables: Hypergeometric (optional)
Discrete Random Variables: Introduction
Discrete Random Variables: Lab I
Discrete Random Variables: Lab II
Discrete Random Variables: Mean or Expected Value and Standard Deviation
Discrete Random Variables: Poisson (optional)
Discrete Random Variables: Practice 1: Discrete Distributions
Discrete Random Variables: Practice 2: Binomial Distribution
Discrete Random Variables: Practice 3: Poisson Distribution
Discrete Random Variables: Practice 4: Geometric Distribution
Discrete Random Variables: Practice 5: Hypergeometric Distribution
Discrete Random Variables: Probability Distribution Function (PDF) for a Discrete Random Variable
Discrete Random Variables: Review
Discrete Random Variables: Summary of the Discrete Probability Functions
Discrete Random Variables: Teacher's Guide
Elementary Statistics: Calculator Instructions and Resources
Elementary Statistics: Course Syllabus
Elementary Statistics: Exam 1: Lessons 1 & 2
Elementary Statistics: Exam 2: Lessons 3 & 4
Elementary Statistics: Exam 3: Lessons 5, 6 & 7
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