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Rafael Lara-Alecio

Type Title
A Reflection: Function of Religiousness in the Hispanic Community in the USA and its Comparison With Spain
A Reflection: The Other Faces of Immigration
AIDS Prevention Among Latino Teens: The Role of Family Acculturation
Bilingual Education: Past, Present, Future
Diglossia, Assimilation, and Bilingualism Among the Hispanics of the United States
Doctoral Program Issues: Commentary on Companion Dissertations
Education of Immigrant Students in the Community of Madrid
Expansion of Mass Media in Spanish in the United States: The Success Story of La Opinión of Los Angeles
Faith as an Instrument of Integration Among Islamic Immigrants: The Case of Extramadura (Spain), A New Civilization
Immigrants in a Municipality Near Madrid: The Teaching of Spanish and Health Education
Immigration and Religion: Rituals Alive Today in Peru and Spain
Knowledge of Language, Learning, and Intercultural Coexistence
My Experience as a Professor in an Institute With Immigrants in Extremadura
Non-communitarian Immigrant Women in the Work Market in Spain
Racial Attitudes and Religious Social Work: The Texas-Mexican and the U.S. Catholic Church
Strategies and Processes of Adaptation in Immigration
The Changing Demography of Latino Immigrants in the United States: From 1980 to Present
The Changing Hispanic/Latino Population in Texas and the United States
The Chicano Movement: Dead or Alive?
The Criminal Justice System as an Assimilation Milieu for the Hispanic Immigrant
The Emmigration of Foreign Workers to Spain: A New and Relevant Phenomenon in the History of Spain
The Socio-economic Development of Hispanics in the United States: In Search of a Theory
The Threat of Terrorism in the United States: The Emotional Answer of a Nation in War
Upon the Schoolhouse Steps: Immigration and Education
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