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Gary E. Martin

Type Title
A Learning Approach to School Discipline: Problem Solving Instead of Punishing
A Profile of School Leaders in Arizona
Cognitive versus behavioral psychology
Define roles and resolve role conflict
Develop an equitable system
Developing and Implementing An Effective Online Educational Leadership Internship
Developing and Implementing An Effective Online Educational Leadership Internship Revisited
Discipline as a problem in schools
Empower students
Empowering students versus controlling students
Frequently Asked Questions
Help students meet their potential and expectations
Identify beliefs to guide and motivate you
Key Words for Chapter 2
Key Words for Chapter 3
Key Words for Chapter 4
Key Words for Chapter 5
Keywords for Chapter 1
Make school a safe place for taking risks and making mistakes
Nurture positive attitudes
Proactive versus reactive
Relationships are important
Replace punishment with restitution and/or reparations
Require students to use the problem solving steps
School as community versus school as factory
Set high expectation
Social learning is as important as academic learning
Support your teachers and students
Teach and model Morals,Values and Character
Teach freedom and limits
Teach responsibilities along with rights
Use Good Teaching
Use student input
Use Time for Teaching, and Assessing
Why many discipline methods don't work
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