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The content in OpenStax-CNX comes in two formats: modules, which are like small "knowledge chunks," and collections, groups of modules structured into books or course notes, or for other uses. Our open license allows for free use and reuse of all our content.

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Mimus Polyglottus

Type Title
Mockingbird Tales: Readings in Animal Behavior
A Marine Dwelling Eusocial Organism: Synalpheus Regalis
Adoption and Infanticide in Birds: a Review
Alliance formation in bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops sp.)
Animal Behavior Assignment
Cooperative Breeding in Birds
Costs and benefits of non-predator eavesdropping in mammal-bird alarm call interactions
Evolution of Eusociality in Mole-Rats
Foraging in the Domestic Pig, Sus Scrofa
Host Interaction and Regulation in Parasitoid Wasps
Host Learning as a Defense Against Avian Brood Parasitism
Intra-Species Communication & Foraging in Social Insects
Introduction to "Mockingbird Tales: Readings in Animal Behavior"
Mind Games: Acanthocephalan infection and behavioral modification
Prey Deception in Australian Crab Spiders
Primate Alarm Calls
Schooling in Fish
Sex Differences in Learning Processes of Rats
Sexual Conflict and Forced Copulations Lead to the Co-evolution of Sexual Organs in Anas platyrhynchos
Sharks: Solitary or Group Animals?
The Evolution of Intergroup Coalitionary Aggression in Humans
The Real Deal?: Behavioral Mimicry in Hymenoptera
The Role of Evolution in Mating Behavior of Lekking Species
The Social Factor in Song Learning in American Sparrows
To Eat or to Mate? Sexual Cannibalism in Mantodea and Arachnid Species
Violent Mating: Traumatic Insemination in Bed Bugs and other Cimicids
Why Copy? The Evolution of Mimicry
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