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Paul E Pfeiffer

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Type Title
Applied Probability
Topics in Applied Probability
A Reorder problem-- Electronic Store
Appendix A to Applied Probability: Directory of m-functions and m-procedures
Appendix B to Applied Probability: some mathematical aids
Appendix C: Data on some common distributions
Appendix D to Applied Probability: The standard normal distribution
Appendix E to Applied Probability: Properties of mathematical expectation
Appendix F to Applied Probability: Properties of conditional expectation, given a random vector
Appendix G to Applied Probability: Properties of conditional independence, given a random vector
Composite Trials
Conditional Expectation, Regression
Conditional Independence
Conditional Independence, Given a Random Vector
Conditional Probability
Convergence and the central Limit Theorem
Cost with Price Breaks
Covariance and the Correlation Coefficient
Distribution and Density Functions
Distribution Approximations
Elements of Markov Sequences
Function of Random Vectors
Functions of a Random Variable
Independence of Events
Independent Classes of Random Variables
Linear Regression
Markov Decision -- Type 3 Gains
Martingale Sequences: Examples and Further Patterns
Martingale Sequences: The Concept, Examples, and Basic Patterns
Mathematical Expectation: Simple Random Variables
Mathematical Expectation; General Random Variables
MATLAB and Independent Classes
MATLAB Calculations for Decision Models
Matlab files for "Problems" in "Applied Probability"
Matlab Procedures for Markov Decision Processes
Minterms and MATLAB Calculations
Order Statistics
Patterns of Probable Inference
Preface to "Topics in Applied Probability"
Preface to Pfeiffer Applied Probability
Probability Systems
Problems on Conditional Expectation, Regression
Problems on Conditional Independence
Problems on Conditional Independence, Given a Random Vector
Problems on Conditional Probability
Problems on Distribution and Density Functions
Problems on Functions of Random Variables
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