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Mark Pettinelli

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Type Title
A Cognitive Perspective on Emotion
The Complete Psychological Writings of Mark Pettinelli
A Critique and Review of Jungian Psychology: The Unconscious, Archetypes and Dreams, and Psychological Types
Emotion, Cognition, and Social Interaction - Information from Psychology and New Ideas topics self help
How do Emotion, Attention, Thought, and Arousal Work Together?
How does Cognition Influence Emotion?
Interaction Values and Beliefs: An Integration into Social Psychology
The Psychology Of Emotions, Feelings and Thoughts
A Self Help and Improvement Book: Useful Psychology Information (An Integration of Personality, Social, Interaction, Communication and Well-Being Psychology)
Social Cognition, Personality, and Emotion
A Conversation About Measuring Emotion and its Conclusion: Mood Classification
A Look beyond the 16 Personality Types: Why they aren’t Sufficient
A Theory of Emotion
Actions and Explanations
An Idea of Mental Abilities - Cognition, Language and Development
An Introduction - Social Cognition, Personality, and Emotion
An Outline of Consciousness
An Overly Optimistic Attitude towards Life Leads to a Dulling of Emotion
An Overview: How Social, Communication, Personality and Well-Being Psychology Relate
Angry, Upset, and Depressed?
Anxiety and Aspergers
Archetypes and Dreams
Attention and Thought Control
Being Kind
Belief - Purpose in Life
Cognition and Emotion
Cognitive Performance
Commentary on Descartes’ Discourse on Method and Meditations on First Philosophy
Concentration and Emotions are Important Factors in Intelligence
Concentration and Emotions are Important Factors in Intelligence {CP}
Consciousness is Thoughts and Emotions: A Whole Brain Approach
Curing Depression
Curing Depression {CP}
Death, Hope, Humor, Love and Sex
Definition of Literacy
Definition of Spirituality
Different Experiences of Emotion
Dream Analysis Shows how Emotions are Difficult to Control {CP}
Dreams Are Fun Because They Are Emotional Not Logical
Dreams Rarely Make Sense Because They Are Usually More Emotional Than Logical
Emotion and Attention
Emotion and Cognition: The Scope and Limits of its Analysis
Emotion and Logic
Emotion and Logic {CP}
Emotion and Social Behavior
Emotion Is a Combination of Feeling and Thought
Emotion Vs. Logic
Emotion Vs. Logic {CP}
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