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Bijay_Kumar Sharma

Type Title
SSPD_CHAPTER 1_Part10_ Concluded_Kronig-Penney Model
SSPD_CHAPTER 1_Part10_ Continued_The theoretical basis of Band Theory of Solids
SSPD_Chapter 1_Part8_AppendixXXXIV_Travelling Waves
SSPD_Chapter 1_Part8_AppendixXXXV_Schrodinger Eqaution and its solution
SSPD_Chapter 2.1.3.Nano-Technology Era.
SSPD_Chapter Application of Hyperabrupt Junction Diode as Varactor Diode in Voltage-controlled Oscillator(VCO).
SSPD_Chapter 3_SEc3.2.4. Reverse biasedDiode,3.2.5.Real Diodes,3.2.6.Avalanche Diode,3.2.7.Hyperabrupt Jn.Diode.
SSPD_Chapter 3_Section 3.2.3.Theoretical Formulation of the Knee Voltage(Vγ) of a forward biased-diode.
SSPD_Chapter 3_Section 3.4.Schottky Diode and Section 3.5. Ohmic Contact.
SSPD_Chapter 3_Section3.3. Quantum Mechanical Diodes.
SSPD_Chapter 3_Solid State Diode Physics.
SSPD_Chapter 4_ Section 4.1.Physical Significance of hybrid parameters (h-parameters) of BJT.
SSPD_Chapter 4_Bipolar Junction Transistor Physics
SSPD_Chapter 4_Section 4.5_Design Rules of MOSFET.
SSPD_Chapter 5_Section 5.1. Photo-Diodes and its Responsivity Curves.
SSPD_Chapter 5_Section 5.3. Spectal Responsivity of Photo-Diodes.
SSPD_Chapter 5_Section 5.3_Supplement_Photo-Diode_I-V curve.
SSPD_Chapter 5_Section5.5._Photo Sources.
SSPD_Chapter 6_Part 10_Simulation of MOSFET
SSPD_Chapter 6_Part 10_Simulation of MOSFET_conclusion
SSPD_Chapter 6_Part 3_concluded_The list of Foundaries
SSPD_Chapter 6_Part 3_The challenges of IC Technology
SSPD_Chapter 6_Part 4_concluded_MOS Physics
SSPD_Chapter 6_Part 4_The instability of MOS in 60s and its soluion
SSPD_Chapter 6_Part 5_Crossing of the Rubicon_Emergence of MOS Technolgy as the dominant IC Technology.
SSPD_Chapter 6_Part 6_Concluded.
SSPD_Chapter 6_Part 6_MOS IC's Fabrication Technology_To be continued3
SSPD_Chapter 6_Part 6_MOS ICs Fabrication Technology_to be continued
SSPD_Chapter 6_Part 6_MOS ICs Fabrication Technology_to be continued2
SSPD_Chapter 6_Part 7_ Diode Tutorial
SSPD_Chapter 6_Part 7_Device Simlation 3
SSPD_Chapter 6_Part 7_Device Simlation 3_conclsions
SSPD_Chapter 6_Part 7_Device Simulation1
SSPD_Chapter 6_Part 7_Device Simulation1
SSPD_Chapter 6_Part 7_Device Simulation2
SSPD_Chapter 6_Part 7_Device Simulation2_concluded
SSPD_Chapter 6_Part 7_Device Simulation2_Tony Plots
SSPD_Chapter 6_Part 7_Introduction to ATHENA 4_Process Simulator
SSPD_Chapter 6_Part 7_Introduction to ATHENA 5_Process Simulator
SSPD_Chapter 6_Part 7_Introduction to ATHENA 6_Process Simulator
SSPD_Chapter 6_Part 7_Introduction to ATHENA 7_Process Simulator
SSPD_Chapter 6_Part 7_Introduction to ATHENA3_Process Simulator
SSPD_Chapter 6_Part 8_Caliberating ATHENA for typical MOSFET FLOW
SSPD_Chapter 6_Part 9_Appendix Device Physics
SSPD_Chapter 6_Part 9_Caliberating ATHENA for typical Bipolar Flow Process
SSPD_Chapter 6_Part 9_Figure IX of Appendix on Device Physics
SSPD_Chapter 7_Part 1_The Art of Microchip Fabrication transforms into HiTech Computer-Aided VLSI DESIGN and Microchip Fabrication.(Untitled)
SSPD_Chapter 7_Part 2_BiCMOS Technology
SSPD_Chapter 7_Part 3_Basic Electrical Properties of MOS and MOS circuits to be continued1
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