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Bijay_Kumar Sharma

Type Title
AE_Tutorial 4_BJT incremental model.
AE_Tutorial 5_Mid&High frequency Analysis of CE & CB BJT Amplifier
AE_Tutorial 9_Multistage Amplifiers
AE_Tutorial6_Mid & High Frequency Analysis of CC & Cascode.
Analog Electronics Lecture 1_Independent and Controlled Sources.
Analog Electronics Lecture 2_PartA_I-V characteristics of Vacuum Tubes
Analog Electronics Lecture 2_PartB_BJT configurations & modes
Analog Electronics Lecture 2_PartC_I-V output characteristics of BJT
Analog Electronics_Lecture 1_Independent and Controlled Sources
Analog Electronics_Lecture 1_Supplement_Incremental Model of Controlled Sources
Analog Electronics_Lecture4_PartD Experimental Methods of measuring the Frequency Band-Width of an Amplifier.
Analog Electronics_Univ Question Paper with Solution of Even09
AnalogElectronics_Lecture3_Incremental Model of Diode.
AnalogElectronics_Lecture3supp._High Frequency Model of PN Junction Diode.
AnalogElectronics_Lecture4_PartA_dc,low&high frequency model of CB BJT.
AnalogElectronics_Lecture4_PartB_low and high frequency model of CE BJT.
AnalogElectronics_Lecture4_PartC_RC coupled Amplifier Design Procedure.
Atomic Energy Exchanges and Physics of Gas Discharge Tubes.
Book Report on "Advesary in the House_Part2" by Irving Stone.
Book report on 'A tale of two cities'
Chapter 2. Section 2.3.2. Application of Inert Gases.
Chapter 2. Solid State of Matter.
Chapter 2. Solid State of Matter. Section.2.5. Bohr Model of Hydrogen Atom.
Chapter 3. Special Classification of Semiconductors.Sec3.1.Compund Semiconductors
Chapter 3_Section3.3.3Tunnel Diodes,3.3.4.Backward Diodes
Chapter 4. Section 4.2. Structure of IC NPN BJT.
Chapter 4. Section 4.3.supplement-Solved Problems on Design of BJT.
Chapter 4.Light and Matter – Dielectric Behaviour of Matter
Chapter 4.Light and Matter – Dielectric Behaviour of Matter
Chapter 4_Section 4.3. Design Rules for fabricating BJT.
Chapter 4_Section 4.4._Design Rules for Fabricating nJFET.
Chapter 5. Section 5.6. Metamaterials.
Chapter 5_ DSD_Moore and Mealy State Machines.
Chapter 5_Introduction-Nanomaterials.
Chapter 5_Section 5.2. Direct and in-direct Band Gap
Chapter 6. IC Fabrication Technology from 60s to date_Part 1
Chapter 6. IC Fabrication Technology from 60s to date_Part 2
Chapter 7. Magnetic Materials.
Chapter 7. Section 7.6.3. Hysteresis Loops of Hard Iron and Soft Iron.
Chapter 8. Superconductors.
Chapter2.2.3;2.2.4;2.2.5;Insulator,Semi-conductor,Metal;Intrinsic Semi-condctor;Extrinsic Semi-conductor.
Class Test 1_25th_March_2011
Crystal Growth-Bulk and Epitaxial Film-Part 1
Crystal Growth-Bulk and Epitaxial Film-Part 2
Crystal Growth-Bulk and Epitaxial Film-Part 3
Crystal Growth-Bulk and Epitaxial Film-Part 4
Digital System Design_Chapter 1_Part 1-Historical Background of IC Technology.
Digital System Design_Chapter 2_Section 2_Wishlist of Digital System Designer.
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