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Alex Voss

Type Title
e-Research Community Engagement Findings
Research in a Connected World
Access Regulations for Data Sets
Authentication Mechanisms
Availability of Access Grid Nodes and Overheads in Arranging Meetings
Awareness of Services
Awareness of Servicves by IT Services
Biomedical Research
Climate Prediction
Communication and Knowledge Transfer
Computational Chemistry
Conditions for Access to and Use of Datasets
Consideration of IT at proposal stage
Curation in Research
Data Discovery
Data Quality and Usability
Delays in Gaining Access to Services
e-Research Glossary
Editor's Introduction to Research in a Connected World
Examples of e-Research Videos - from the eIUS project
Exploring Possible Uses of Technologies
Heterogeneous Data Formats
Identifying Generic Functionality
Information Services Support Provision
Institutional Context and Culture
Justifying Costs of Resources or Adoption of Services
Linking Initial Interest and Specific Training
Managing User-Designer Relations
Metadata, Standards and Semantics
nanoCMOS Device, Circuit and System Simulations
Parallelisation of Code
Policy Towards Resource Sharing
Procedure for Acquiring and Managing Certificates
Relationship between e-Science and HPC
Research in a Connected World
Resource Sharing: Trust and Security
Scholarly Communication and the Web
Scientific Workflows
Text Analysis in the Arts and Humanities
The EGEE Distributed Computing Infrastructure
The European e-Infrastructure Ecosystem
Training Aimed at Domain Experts
Trust in Distributed Systems
Understanding of Distributed Computing Principles
Understanding of Distributed Systems by IT Services
Use of Jargon
Virtual Research Environments
Virtual Research Environments - Videos
Visualization Matters
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