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The content in OpenStax-CNX comes in two formats: modules, which are like small "knowledge chunks," and collections, groups of modules structured into books or course notes, or for other uses. Our open license allows for free use and reuse of all our content.

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Type Title
basic engineer for design machine part 1
basic engineer for design machine part 1
Basic Knowledge of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy ( NMR )
Basic Math
Basic Math Textbook for the Community College
Basic Mathematics Review
Basic Physics for Medical Imaging
Basic Vector Space Methods in Signal and Systems Theory
BCcampus - Concepts of Biology
Becoming a Professional Scholar
Beginning Gaming Teacher's Toolkit
Beginning Guitar
Belhaven University: Physical Sciences for a Sustainable Society
Best Practices in Online Teaching
Beyond Convention, Beyond Critique: Toward a Third Way of Preparing Educational Leaders to Promote Equity and Social Justice
BI 101 for LBCC iLearn Campus
Bien ap do luong
Bio368: Supplemental Reading
Biochemical Warfare
Biochemistry Exercises
Bioinformatics - From Sequence Expression and Structure
Biological Macromolecules (GPC)
Biology 1
Biology 1308 Bonus Credit Chapters--from OPENStax "BIOLOGY"
Biology 2015
Biology 9-11 Grades
Biology Concepts and Challenges
Biology for Rice Univeristy EBIO 213
Biology-Bossier Parish Community College
Biology: AP Version
Bios 533 Bioinformatics
Biotechnology (GPC)
Birdcall Identification Project
Biến hình và xử lý ảnh
Blank Course A
Blur and Recovery with FTVd
Body Ambient Bondgraph Model Using Heat Flux Transducer
Botany of The Los Amigos Conservation Area
Brad's First Connx Book
Brad's First Connx Book
Breve Historia de Arte Contemporáneo
Brief Notes on Signals and Systems
Budget & Finance Administration in Recreation & Sport
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