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Science and Technology

Type Title
ELEC 301 Projects Fall 2004
ELEC 301 Projects Fall 2005
ELEC 301 Projects Fall 2007
ELEC 301 Projects Fall 2008
ELEC 301 Projects Fall 2011
ELEC 301 Projects Fall 2012
ELEC 301 Projects Fall 2013
ELEC 301 Projects Fall 2014
Electrical and Electronic Materials Science
Electricity and magnetism
Electricity Physics
Electronics Experiments Using USB Data Acquisition
Elements of Detection Theory
Emerging Disciplines: Shaping New Fields of Scholarly Inquiry in and beyond the Humanities
Engineering -- A Modern Creative Discipline (incomplete)
Engineering Computation for Power Engineers
Engineering Computation with Spreadsheets
Engineering Ethics Modules for Ethics Across the Curriculum
Entorns Personals d'Aprenentatge (PLE)
Environmental Protection
The Environments of the Organization
Establishing Tone in the Distance Course
Estimation theory
ETOM 2012 - OER Presentation
Exploring Edit in Place
eZWSN: Experimenting with Wireless Sensor Networks using the eZ430-RF2500
Face Detection and Feature Recognition
Face Recognition using Eigenfaces
Facial Expression Recognition by Support Vector Machines
Faculty Use of Courseware to Teach Counseling Theories
Fall 2009 ELEC301 Group Project Report: Video Stabilization
Fast Fourier Transforms
Fast Fourier Transforms (6x9 Version)
Filter Design - Sidney Burrus Style
Finite Impulse Response
A First Course in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Fisica per il Liceo Scientifico
Food Safety Knowledge Network Basic Level Requirements
Frequency Analysis for Art Forensics
Frequency and Music
Freshman Engineering Problem Solving with MATLAB
From MATLAB and Simulink to Real-Time with TI DSP's
Fully Configurable OFDM SDR Transceiver in LabVIEW
Fundamentals of Computer Engineering
Fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing Lab
Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering I
Fundamentals of Signal Processing
Fundamentals of Signal Processing(thu)
Fundamentos de bases de datos
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