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The content in OpenStax-CNX comes in two formats: modules, which are like small "knowledge chunks," and collections, groups of modules structured into books or course notes, or for other uses. Our open license allows for free use and reuse of all our content.

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Science and Technology

Type Title
General Physics I PHY2201CA
General Physics I, algebra-based
General Physics II PHY2202CA
General Zoology
Genetics and Evolution
Geogebra y Descartes en Moodle
Geometric Methods in Structural Computational Biology
Gestão da Inovação Tecnológica
Gestão da Inovação Tecnológica
Getting Started with NI LabVIEW for Signal Processing
Giải phẫu người
Global Climate Change
Gravitation fundamentals
Guía para nuevos autores de Connexions
Herramientas para el Mantenimiento del Software
High Dynamic Range Imaging
High Performance Computing
High-Speed and Embedded Systems Design (Under Construction)
A History of Federal Science Policy from the New Deal to the Present
Honors Chemistry Lab Fall
How to make your own themes using desktop architect
How to Search and Browse the Connexions Web Site
Human Biology Part 1
Human Biology Part 2
Ideas and Tools for Improving Connexions Modules and Collections
Image Coding
Images of Memorable Cases: 50 Years at the Bedside
Impulse Response Measurement Toolbox
Information and Signal Theory
Installing Wordcorr
Instructor Modules for EAC Toolkit
Instrument and Note Identification
Integumentary System
Intelligent Motion Detection Using Compressed Sensing
An Interactive Approach to Signals and Systems Laboratory
Intro Physics
Intro Physics
Intro to Computational Engineering: Elec 220 Labs
Intro to Digital Signal Processing
Intro to Logic
Intro to Physics
Intro to the Internet
Introducción a Connexions
Introducción a Connexions
Introduction to Analog and Digital Communications
Introduction to Anatomy
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