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The content in OpenStax-CNX comes in two formats: modules, which are like small "knowledge chunks," and collections, groups of modules structured into books or course notes, or for other uses. Our open license allows for free use and reuse of all our content.

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Type Title
Java170-Graphics-Introduction to Images
Java174-Graphics-Overview of Advanced Image Processing Capabilities
Java2350-Adaptive Filtering in Java, Getting Started
Java2352-An Adaptive Whitening Filter in Java
Java2354-A General-Purpose LMS Adaptive Engine in Java
Java2356-An Adaptive Line Tracker in Java
Java2358-Adaptive Identification and Inverse Filtering using Java
Java2360-Adaptive Noise Cancellation using Java
Java2362-Adaptive Prediction using Java
Java3000: The Guzdial-Ericson Multimedia Class Library
Java3000r Review
Java3000s Slides
Java3002: Creating and Manipulating Turtles and Pictures in a World Object
Java3002r Review
Java3002s Slides
Java3004: Image Processing Algorithms, Image Inversion, and PictureExplorer Objects
Java3004r Review
Java3004s Slides
Java3006: Implementing a space-wise linear color-modification algorithm.
Java3006r Review
Java3006s Slides
Java3008: Abstract Methods, Abstract Classes, and Overridden Methods
Java3008r Review
Java3008s Slides
Java3010: Indirection, Array Objects, and Casting
Java3010r Review
Java3010s Slides
Java3012: Using Nested Loops to Process Pixels
Java3012r Review
Java3012s Slides
Java3014: Cropping, Flipping, and Combining Pictures
Java3014r Review
Java3014s Slides
Java3016: Green-Screen Processing
Java3016r Review
Java3016s Slides
Java3018: Darkening, Brightening, and Tinting the Colors in a Picture
Java3018r Review
Java3018s Slides
Java3020: Interfaces, Object Arrays, etc.
Java3020s Slides
Java3022: Scaling, Rotating, and Translating Images using Affine Transforms
Java3022r Review
Java3022s Slides
Java3024: Mirroring Images
Java3024r Review
Java3024s Slides
Java3026: GradientPaint and other Java2D Classes
Java3026r Review
Java3026s Slides
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