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The content in OpenStax-CNX comes in two formats: modules, which are like small "knowledge chunks," and collections, groups of modules structured into books or course notes, or for other uses. Our open license allows for free use and reuse of all our content.

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Professional Ethics in Engineering
Professional Ethics in Puerto Rico: Codes, Problem Solving, and Ethical Dissent
Professional Growth Plan Based on ELCC Standards
Professional Learning Communities: Concepts in Action in a Principal Preparation Program, an Elementary School Team, a Leadership Team, and a Business Partnership
Professional Organizations
Professors help document
Professors Partner to Prepare Protégés
A Profile of Faculty Leadership Behavior at One South Texas Community College
A Profile of School Leaders in Arizona
Profit and lost
Profit and Lost
Profitability Ratios
Profundidad del árbol de herencia
Program 10: Split-Radix, DIF, One-Butterfly, FFT
Program 11: Split-Radix, DIF, Two-Butterfly, FFT
Program 12: Prime Factor FFT Algorithm
Program 13: In-Place, In-Order Prime Factor FFT Algorithm
Program 1: Goertzel Algorithm
Program 2: Second Order Goertzel Algorithm
Program 3: Second Order Goertzel Algorithm, Two Outputs at a Time
Program 4: Basic Quick Fourier Transform (QFT)
Program 5: Radix-2, DIF, One Butterfly FFT
Program 6: Radix-2, DIT, One Butterfly FFT
Program 7: Radix-2, DIF, Three Butterfly FFT
Program 8: Radix-4, DIF, One Butterfly FFT
Program 9: Radix-4, DIF, Three Butterfly FFT
Program Control Functions
Program Design
Program Input Using the CIN Object
Program Structures
Programacion de Computadores (Procedatos)
Programación de Aplicaciones Web
Programación Funcional - Prácticas y Ejercicios Resueltos
Programación Gráfica LabVIEW - Cadenas de texto y Ficheros de entrada y salida
Programación Gráfica LabVIEW - Representacion gráfica de datos - Prueba
Programación modular con LabVIEW
Programmare in Processing
Programmazione di Artefatti Interattivi
Programmazione Visuale
Programming 3D Graphics with OpenGL
Programming Borders
Programming for Change
Programming Fundamentals - A Modular Structured Approach using C++
Programming in LabVIEW MathScript-A Data Analysis Example Using For Loops
Programming in LabVIEW MathScript-A Modeling Example Using For Loops
Programming in LabVIEW MathScript-A Personal Finance Example Using While Loops
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