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The Handbook of Doctoral Programs: Issues and Challenges

Collection type: Course

Course by: National Council of Professors of Educational Administration. E-mail the author

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Summary: Our goals and purpose of this book are aimed at advancing understanding in areas relating to educational leadership and administration, and to enhance the capability and efficacy of university programs. We are focused on developing better methods of pedagogy and instruction to help bring about more effective academic and professional development programs for all doctoral students and faculty in educational administration. Finally, we strive to create more effective pathways and networks for exchanging new understandings and viable strategies among persons working to advance educational administration. The contributors collectively address numerous areas of the field related to the theme of better preparing school leaders in doctoral programs. Some of the specific topics include program accreditation, design and delivery, innovations in educational leadership, curricular and instructional improvement, dissertation conventions and writing, self-reflection and professional growth, social justice in leadership and learning, and mentoring theory and practice.

Institution: National Council of Professors of Educational Administration

This collection contains: Modules by: Betty Alford, Beverly Irby, Carol A. Mullen, David Parks, Frederick C. Lunenburg, Frederick Dembowski, Fuhui Tong, George J. Petersen, Ph.D., I. Young, James McNamara, Janet Tareilo, Janice Fauske, Joe Donaldson, John Hoyle, Juanita Simmons, Linda Creighton, Mack Hines, Margaret Grogan, Marilyn Grady, Rafael Lara-Alecio, Sandra Harris, Sharon C. Hoffman, Theodore Creighton, Ulrich Reitzug.

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