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Collection type: Course

Course by: Lorentz JANTSCHI. E-mail the author

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Summary: The course threat the following subjects: Biogeochemistry (having as sections: Biosphere; Biomass and biosphere; Elements migration; Circuit of substances in nature; Biogeochemical cycles; Biocenosis; Human ecology), Microbiology (having as sections: Microbiology and cellular biology; Chemical bonds; Cell biology; Genetics and genetic engineering; Industrial microbiology; Microbes ecology), Biochemistry (having as sections: Living cell chemistry; Biomolecules; Information circuit; Proteins; Lipids; Carbohidrates), Toxicology (having as sections: Immunology; Clinical immunology and microbiological diagnosis); Phytosanitary studies (having as sections: Aspects of public health; Pesticides agrochemistry; Pesticides chemistry; Physico-chemical properties of pesticides; Modern methods in structure-property-activity relationships; Using of pesticides in agriculture - applicative example; Biotechnologies and agriculture) and finally it has a romanian-english dictionary of technical terms on ecotoxicology subject.

Instructor: Lorentz JĂ„NTSCHI

Institution: Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

Course Number: 81573206

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