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Remixing Çatalhöyük

Collection by: OKAPI. E-mail the author

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Summary: Welcome to the Remixing Çatalhöyük Project! Çatalhöyük is a Neolithic settlement mound, enclosing the remains of a honeycomb of mud brick buildings, built side by side and one on top of the other for a thousand years, starting around 9000 years ago. This project focuses on the excavation conducted by the Berkeley Archaeologists at Çatalhöyük (BACH) team. From 1997 to 2003, the BACH team focused their attention on excavating the life-history of a single building-- termed Building 3-- and three separate small cells adjoining it. The Remixing Çatalhöyük Project is composed of three parts: a website, four themed-collections, and a raw research archive. One of the theme collections, Life Histories, contains a K-12 activity. To view this project, please see:

Instructor: Ruth Tringham

Institution: University of California, Berkeley

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This collection contains: Modules by: OKAPI.

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