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CIVIS Project - UPRM

Collection type: Textbook

Textbook by: William Frey, Jose A. Cruz-Cruz, J.Cruz. E-mail the authors

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Summary: This collection has been developed to serve as a repository for the CIVIS grant currently under development at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez. Modeled and based on the EAC Toolkit (NSF SES 0551779), CIVIS has been designed to integrate a series of General Education modules across the undergraduate curriculum. This collection will present the different modules and use Connexions features to show module versions and derived copies. The module concept under development here portrays modules as plastic content that can and should be modified to fit different teaching styles and contexts. Housing the modules in this way through a Connexions course will allow the public to see how these modules are being instantiated at UPRM and, at the same time, encourage them to use this content to respond to their own curricular needs.

This collection contains: Modules by: Gayle Griggs, Jeffry Valentin, Jose A. Cruz-Cruz, Jose Colucci, José Anazagasty, Miriam Fontalvo, William Frey.

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