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Hillshaded Digital Elevation Model

Module by: John Janovec. E-mail the author

Summary: A hillshaded digital elevation model of the los amigos conservation area.

Figure 1: The DEM was used to generate a hill-shaded scene of the Los Amigos Conservation Area, pictured here. Rivers: (1) Madre de Dios. (2) Los Amigos River. (3) Amiguillos River. The change in elevation is not drastic, ranging from about 240 m in the Madre de Dios basin to about 350 m in the upper Amigos and Amiguillos watersheds. Both the DEM and our understanding of variation in elevation across the landscape deserve further investigation and ground-truthing. Los Amigos Botany is planning to do this during the next field season in January to February along with preliminary investigations on biotic and abiotic landscape-scale patterns of the Los Amigos landscape.
Figure 1 (gis09_HillshadeDEM.jpg)

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