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Los Amigos Jungle Cucumbers - Figure 11

Module by: John Janovec. E-mail the author

Los Amigos Jungle Cucumbers: A Study of Five Sympatric Gurania Species

Amanda K. Neill

The New York Botanical Garden

Table 1
Gins_feminfl.jpg Gins_feminfl3.jpg Gins_feminfl2.jpg

Figure 11

Female inflorescences of Gurania insolita take different forms, depending on the age of the stem that produced them. Old leafless woody stems produce cauliflorous inflorescences, with tightly-packed flowers, on a short peduncle. The photo on the right shows a longer, more flexible inflorescence that was produced by a young leafy stem. These inflorescences have leafy bracts with a red tint. The fruits in this species have bold white stripes and spots.

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Photos by John Janovec

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