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Kyle Ringgenberg

Module by: Kyle Ringgenberg. E-mail the author

Summary: Biography for Kyle Ringgenberg.

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Kyle Martin Ringgenberg

Figure 1: Kyle Ringgenberg
Figure 1 (n3000474_236.jpg)

Originally from Sioux City, Iowa... Kyle is currently a junior electrical engineering major at Rice University. Educational interests rest primarily within the realm of computer engineering. Future plans include either venturing into the work work doing integrated circuit design or remaining in academia to purse a teaching career.

Outside of academics, Kyle's primary interests are founded in the musical relm. He's performs regularly on both tenor saxophone and violin under the genres of jazz, classical, and modern. He also has a strong interest in 3d computer modeling and animation,which has remained a self-taught hobby of his for years. Communication can be established via his personal website,, or by the email address listed under this Connections course.

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