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Collection titles

Module by: Joseph Grimes. E-mail the author

Summary: Every collection has a title and a short title.

Figure 1: Title and short title on the Collection panel of JG-SulSel12.
Figure 1 (Coll-Names.jpg)

Every collection has a title that is useful for other linguists, like Austronesian or Southern Utoaztecan. The title indicates the spread of languages you are investigating.

You prefix your Wordcorr ID to the title with a hyphen. This heads off a potential bad situation where thirty Wordcorr users have thirty different collections all called “Austronesian,” and some of them are trying to collaborate with others.

Wordcorr asks you for a short title for the collection, which also carries your Wordcorr ID prefix. This usually makes a good file name too, when you convert your Wordcorr database to an XML file for safekeeping or collaboration with another linguist. So a JG-Austronesian collection might have a short title like JG-AN that would readily identify it to any specialist in Austronesian languages.

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