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Why do we use magazines

Module by: Darla Grediagin. E-mail the author

Summary: Students will be able to explain why a magazine may be a better resource than print books or Internet sites.

Magazines are materials usually come out every week, month, or bimonthly.

A book usually takes six months to write and then another six months to get printed and published. Add to this any time it takes for someone to find out about the information in the book and then purchase it for your library.

Just because of the time factor, which resource do you think will be more up to date, books or magazines? Share with your partner now.

There may be websites that are good resources for the information you need. Do you know what some of the problems with a website might be? Some websites have information that is wrong on them. Some people will write bad information just because they think it is fun to do. Others may write misinformation because they want you to think the way they do, so the will lie to you to think their way.

Magazines cost money

One reason that you have to pay for a magazine is because the writers have editors that make sure they are printing the truth. You don't have to pay to look at an Internet website and there isn't anyone looking at what is on the Internet to make sure it is true.

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