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Adaptive Guitar Distortion Conclusion

Module by: Neil Narayan, Rob Smith, Brent Stephens, Barron Stone. E-mail the authors


The prospect of adaptive guitar distortion is one that is a lot more practical than it seems on first glance. All the algorithms used in Matlab could be expanded into a real time interface, perhaps in a programmable DSP, that would allow each guitarist to set his or her own parameters. Although the specific proof of concept that was built by us was implemented for a heavy metal play style, this could easily be changed to accommodate any style of music.

Future Work

Given more time to work on this project, it would be implemented in a real time operating environment, and perhaps moved off a computer into a programmable DSP for practical stage application. Further work that could be done to improve the system would have been to do amplitude detection to distort not only on speed and style of play, but also how loudly the guitarist is playing. This would give the guitarist even more control over what kind of distortion is being used. Finally, more effects could potentially be added to this interface such as wah-wah or tremolo with provisions for guitarists to enable or disable effects as they see necessary.

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