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Farming, Mining, & Ranching Quiz

Module by: Richard Daniel. E-mail the author

Summary: Farming, Mining, & Ranching Quiz

A. key terms

Briefly define each of the following terms.1. dry farming

  1. bonanza farm
  2. placer mining.
  3. long drive

B. main ideas

Write the letter of the correct answer in the blank provided.

5. How did new technology help farmers on the Great Plains?

a.It saved them time and effort.

b. It made crops drought-resistant.

c.It eliminated insect pests.

d. It lowered their debt.

6. What was a negative impact of "bonanza" farms?

a.Output declined.

b. Farms became disorganized.

c.Farms got smaller.

d. Oversupply led to lower prices.

7. What created the mining boom that started with the California Gold Rush?

a.offers of free land

b. the lure of quick wealth

c.miners' desire for a peaceful life

d. the Civil War

8. Once all the loose gold had been mined from streams, who moved into

the mining towns?

a.large mining corporations families


d.the federal Department of Agriculture

9. Which of the following contributed to the cattle ranching boom?

a.technical advances

b. expansion of the railroads

c.falling crop prices

d. dry farming

10. Which of the following contributed to the cattle ranching bust?


b.cattle thieves

c.competition from Mexican ranchers

d.invention of barbed wire

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