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Team Presentations in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Module by: The Cain Project in Engineering and Professional Communication. E-mail the author

This PowerPoint file of 36 slides describes

  • Organizing your team’s presentation
  • Enhancing your team’s image
  • Making advanced visual design choices

A good engineering team presents a unified, coherent argument despite changes in speakers. To orient the audience to the purpose and significance of the talk, the team puts its work in context and identifies a specific problem without going over too much familiar background.

A team can help the audience easily grasp relevant details by (a) offering the type of presentation usually given in such situations and (b) making the argument structure accessible. Techniques of forecasting and repetition can keep the argument structure accessible throughout the talk. Supporting its analysis with references to specific engineering work, not just with opinions, earns the team credibility. However, the team’s dress, delivery style, and gestures of courtesy and respect for one another also cause the audience to identify with the team.

In addition, by designing the visual aids and handouts with advanced design principles, engineering teams can reinforce their words, argument, and delivery. Figures appropriate to the audience help them interpret data and become persuaded. Color and font choices and overall slide design convey a professional image that implies technical professionalism.

Figure 1: Team Presentations in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Click the Play button to start the movie.
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