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What to expect from modules in Modeling-Spring 08- U of MN

Module by: James Holte. E-mail the author

Summary: The modules created for this Workgroup represent one semester studies for the graduate/undergraduate course - EE 5821 Topics Include: 1. Dynamic characterization of a cricket bowler. 2. Postural stability during functional body maneuvers. 3. Radiation dose localization in tissue. 4. Fluid dynamics for a left ventricular assist device. 5. Ultrasound treatment for cancer. 6. Properties of collaborative robot modules. 7. Heat load on the human body. 8. Breast cancer diagnosis and therapeutic intervention

This Connexions module introduces some of the basic considerations for preparing one semester studies of Biological System Modeling for EE 5821-Spring 2008. All members of the class, peer-review consultants and invited commentators will have editing access.

The contributions will be associated with the Work Group: Modeling - Spring - 2008 U of MN-->

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