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Elementary Statistics: Introduction

Module by: Susan Dean, Barbara Illowsky, Ph.D.. E-mail the authors

Summary: This is the introduction to the Elementary Statistics online course. This content is designed as a complement to Collaborative Statistics (col10522) by Barbara Illowsky and Susan Dean.

The following modules are based on the award-winning Elementary Statistics online course by authors Barbara Illowsky and Susan Dean. The content presented here was designed to be used as a complementary resource with their Collaborative Statistics textbook/collection.


The source documents for this collection can be found at

Course Management

The Course Syllabus provides instructors a basic framework for teaching this material to their students. Thi document is intended to serve as a starting point; instructors should use this document as a foundation for creating a learning experience customized to meet their students unique needs.

Practice Exams, Problem Sets, and Quizzes

A number of practice tests and problem sets are provided for student self-evaluation and to provide opportunities for students to practice key concepts introduced throughout the course. Solutions to these exercises are provided as feedback to aid student retention and understanding. These problem sets may be used as homework assignments or self-directed study aids.

In addition to the problem sets provided above, the following multiple-choice quizzes are provided as resources for instructors. These modules can be used as assignments or as templates for classroom assessments. Answers to these items are not provided.

Calculator Instructions

The following module contains a number of resources related to the TI-83 calculator and ways it can be used with the Collaborative Statistics textbook and curriculum. This resource addresses many different function on the calculator, including calculation of the outliers, discrete mean, standard deviation, and random numbers.

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