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Module by: Siyavula User. E-mail the author

Summary: Number Patterns


Number Patterns




Leaner Section


ACTIVITY 1: [LO 1.9.2]

1. Welcome to Grade 7.

If you are able to decipher the following code with the help of your pocket calculator, you will realise what this first module is about! Colour in those blocks that contain the correct answers:

Table 1
B12 W222 H61 S34 L826 O567 R8 M17 D468 Y243 Z0 S590
E4136 I2148 A3156 A16 K900 P356 D6 F14 M23 A8676 L308 G30
G10 R4168 T259 Y810 W460 K1 A193 N13 O17 P7 S5621 U9000
N4002 U1623 M467 B88 E1323 R510 A15 T6247 T463 E701 W2 H455
G1620 A911 F406 T1299 R1707 E968 K1810 B884 R5104 Z1726 P4 P999
O1723 P5 A9 T624 T25 E41 R3 N56 S44 O53 E1836 K419
K1829 K66 O753 S1817 I438 E1841 N19 T741 B1714 O33 N40 D11
D712 E959 L1709 E786 R35 S1448 O702 M4674 P1801 L986 U65 E410


1. _______ ÷ 87 = 46

2. _______ × 3 = 4 869

3. 2 335 ÷ _______ = 5

4. 1 056 ÷ 12

5. 49 × 27

6. 17 × 30

7. 635 ÷ 127

8. 1 323 ÷ 147

9. 26 × 24

10. 2 175 ÷ 87

11. 39 × _______= 1 599

12. 210 ÷ 70

13. 42 × _______ = 2352

14. 132 ÷ 3

Write you answer here: _________________________________________________





Learning Outcome 1:The learner will be able to recognise, describe and represent numbers and their relationships, and to count, estimate, calculate and check with competence and confidence in solving problems.

Assessment Standard 1.9: We know this when the learner uses a range of techniques to perform calculations including:

1.9.2: using a calculator.

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