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Connexions Workshop: Introduction

Module by: Jonathan Emmons. E-mail the author

Summary: This module provides an introduction to the Connexions Deomonstration and Tutorial Workshop. Learners are provided with a list of additional resources, including email addresses and supporting websites, that they may find useful after completing the workshop.

What is Connexions?

Connexions is a place to view and share educational material made of small knowledge chunks called modules that can be organized as courses, books, reports, etc. Anyone may view or contribute:

  • authors create and collaborate
  • instructors rapidly build and share custom collections
  • learners find and explore content

System Requirements

Connexions currently supports the Firefox (version 3.0 and later) and Internet Explorer (version 6.0 and later) web browsers. Additional third-party plug-ins are required for viewing some content, including MathML. For additional information about supported web browsers, please see

Contacting Connexions

There are several ways to get answers about Connexions:

Joining the Connexions Community

We invite you to participate in the Connexions Community by subscribing to one of the following services:

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'My Favorites' is a special kind of lens which you can use to bookmark modules and collections. 'My Favorites' can only be seen by you, and collections saved in 'My Favorites' can remember the last module you were on. You need an account to use 'My Favorites'.

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Definition of a lens


A lens is a custom view of the content in the repository. You can think of it as a fancy kind of list that will let you see content through the eyes of organizations and people you trust.

What is in a lens?

Lens makers point to materials (modules and collections), creating a guide that includes their own comments and descriptive tags about the content.

Who can create a lens?

Any individual member, a community, or a respected organization.

What are tags? tag icon

Tags are descriptors added by lens makers to help label content, attaching a vocabulary that is meaningful in the context of the lens.

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