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Appendix- Introduction

Module by: Gordon Lamb. E-mail the author

Summary: This module provides an introduction to the three appendices that comprise lists of recommended music for men's, women's and mixed voices.

The following lists of choral music are not meant to be complete lists of all choral music available for mixed, women's, and men's ensembles. Such a list would have no value. These are, instead, lists of selected compositions, all of which have been found to be successful when performed by nonprofessional choirs. Both sacred and secular works are included. Most are original compositions although a few arrangements or adaptations are listed. These pieces may be considered as the core of a choral library; a basis on which a conductor can build a more extensive performance library. A conductor could begin rehearsals and present concerts utilizing materials from this list, while beginning a search for additional materials. It is suggested that readers obtain a single copy of works unfamiliar to them. The level of difficulty is indicated for most works after each title: (e) = easy, (m) = medium and (d) = difficult.

PREFACE: Prior to the larger list of choral compostions are compositions recommended by conductors whose names appear with their suggestions. The following are recommendations of Dr. Johnathon Palant, Artistic Director for the Turtle Creek Chorale, and are for men's chorus.

David N. Childs, You Shall Above All Things Be Glad, Santa Barbara Music Publishing

David Conte, Love, ECS Publishing

Stephen Hatfield, Ka Hia Manu, Boosey and Hawkes

Arr. John Leavitt, Bashana Haba'ah, Hal Leonard

Ethan Sperry, Zikr, Earthsongs

Eric Whitacre, Lux Aurumque, Hal Leonard

David Dickau, Stars Shall I Find, Walton Music

Allegri arr. James Rodde, Miserere, Alliance Music Publishing

Buxtehude arr. Emily Crocker, Zion Hort die Wachter Singen (TB), Hal Leonard

The following recommendations of R. Andrew Crane, DMA, Director of Choral and Vocal Activities at California State University are for mixed chorus.

Ernani Aguiar, Salmo 150, Earthsongs

Alberto Grau, Kasar mie la Gaji, Earthsongs

Morten Lauridsen, Dirait-on, Peer Music

Eric Whitacre, Lux Aurumque, Walton

Ivan Hrusovsky, Rytmus, Santa Barbara

Sanctus, Craig Courtney, Lorenz

arr. Arnold Sevier, Precious Lord, Abingdon Press

arr. Byron Smith, Worthy to be Praised, Lawson-Gould

arr. Moses Hogan, My Soul's Been Anchored in the Lord, Hal Leonard

arr. Mack Wilberg, My Shepherd Will Supply My Need, Hinshaw

The following recommendations are from R. Paul Crabb, Director of Choral Activities at the University of Missouri. The first two compositions are for women's chorus; the remainder are for mixed chorus.

Mozart/Crabb, Kyrie, SA and piano, Colla Voce Press, 18-96810

H. Purcell/Crabb, Nymphs and Shepherds, Unison, Colla Voce 18-96670

Dimyaninka Kutev/Crabb SATB, Alliance Publications Inc. AP1696

Kyril Khristov/ed. R Paul Crabb SATB, Don't Sing, Morning Bird (Ne moy peya; Bulgarian Folk), Alliance Publications Inc. AP-1917

Mendelssohn SATB, Aus tiefer Not schrei ich zu Dir, ATB soli, organ Carus Verlag40.162

Schuetz SSATB, Verleih uns Frieden and Gib unser Fuesten,

Nikolai Golovanov, Otche nash, SATB div, Musica Russica (MR.V1-79).

Mikolaj Zielenski/Harris, Beata es, virgo Maria, For SSAATTBB, National Music Publishers (ER.NMP397)

M. Schaffer arr., Five Hyms From the Sacred Harp #2 King of Peace #3 Come Trav'ler, Haste Away Oxford University Press

J. Mantyjaarvi, FOUR SHAKEKSPEARE SONGS,#1 Come Away, Death, #3 Double, Double Toil and Trouble, SATB div., Sulasol S343

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