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Phonemic Awareness - Rhyming - Kindergarten

Module by: Julie Arthur. E-mail the author

Summary: This lesson is for kindergarten students, rhyming is a California standard for this grade. Many students especially English Language Learners struggle wit this concept. Using pictures makes it easier for all students especially ELL’s and SDC students to understand the concept. Students respond physically (touching noses), verbally and in print. The lesson also covers Concepts About Print – another Kindergarten standard. Included are the lesson plan followed by the worksheet, this is two sided, students complete independently. Following the worksheet are the words and a picture, cut into strips across the paper and laminate for future use. The laminated cards can be used at other times such as before students leave for recess ask them for a matching word to reinforce concepts until all students are able to rhyme.

Table 1
TITLE: Students will match rhyming words.
OBJECTIVE(S): Students will identify which words rhyme.
SUBJECT(S): Phonemic Awareness - Rhyming DATE(S): February 4, 2011
GRADE(S): Kindergarten TEACHER: Mrs. Arthur
Table 2
Concepts About Print1.1 Identify the front cover, back cover, and title page of a book.1.2 Follow words from left to right and from top to bottom on the printed page.Phonemic Awareness1.10 Identify and produce rhyming words in response to an oral prompt. Oral responses and complete worksheet with 80% accuracy.Lesson Closure: CFU - Ask a few students: "What did you learn today?"
Group Activity – Today we are going to read a funny story about a dog called Pog. Does anybody notice anything about those words?While students are sitting on the rug – show book, talk about front cover, back cover, title page and a spine. State how the words go from left to right and from top to bottom.Read book.Read book again but ask students to touch their noses when they hear a rhyming word.Show students list of words on side of book, show how the first letter changes and the end is the same (although not all rhyming words are spelled the same. Using cards created with pictures (for ELL’s) show students a card and the word, then show them another one until you find one that rhymes. Repeat. Show a card and ask them for a rhyming word.Have students work independently at tables to complete the worksheet.
Dog in the Fog by Sue Graves or other rhyming bookWhite board/dry erase markersRhyming Worksheet containing pictures and words, pencilsFlash Cards with pictures and the rhyming word (created thru word or purchased)

Figure 1
Figure 1 (graphics1.png)

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