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Emotional Mini Bio

Module by: Peter Abboud. E-mail the author


DIRECTIONS: Now that your group has started to outline its idea for the pitch, it is your task to focus on  one  of your characters. If you are an actor, you need to focus on the character that you will be playing. If you are not planning on acting, choose a character that you find the most interesting, and plan on focusing on in your individual scene. You will have a chance to share your character development with your group. Please use complete sentences, check your work for spelling/grammatical errors, and be as thorough as possible with your responses.

Full Name/Age/Sex

What three things does this person value most in life? (i.e. success, money, love, family, God, power, integrity, etc.)

What three things does this person most fear?

What is this person 's basic underlying attitude about life? (i.e."Things will usually turn out alright," or "It's a dog-eat-dog world, " etc.)

What does this person need to know about someone in order to accept him/her as " alright " or trustworthy?

What would cause this person more pain than anything else?

What would this person consider to be the most wonderful thing that could happen to him/her?

What three words would this person use to describe him or herself?

How accurate is this self-description?

What organization most embodies this person's values?  (i.e. Mensa,

Daughters of the American Revolution, PTA, the Gestapo, his/her church, etc.)

Does he/she belong to this group?  If not, why not?


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