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How are antecedents and pronouns related?

Module by: Sarah D'Errico. E-mail the author

Summary: Students will review basic pronoun and antecedent functions and identify antecedents in sample sentences.

Table 1
TITLE: Antecedents
OBJECTIVE(S): Students will review basic pronoun and antecedent functions and identify antecedents in sample sentences.
SUBJECT(S): Ess English DATE(S): November 2, 2010
GRADE(S): 11 TEACHER: Mrs. Sarah D’Errico
Table 2
Written 1.0-1.1- Students write with the command of standard English Language conventions and demonstrate an understanding of English usage. Students are graded on completion of work based on the questions. If all questions are complete students are graded on clarity of answer and knowledge of the poem.
  1. Students will individually complete their daily journal topic on the board.
  2. I will review with the students yesterday’s lesson on pronouns and explain what an antecedent is. An antecedent is the word a pronoun stands for.
  3. I will present a PowerPoint on antecedents and pronouns. I will pause at slide 3 so I can check for understanding by having the students write the sample sentences in their notes. They will identify the pronouns and antecedents and we will go over the answers. Then I will ask for volunteers to review pronoun information on slide 4 and orally answer questions.
  4. I will explain that this process will eventually become automatic and help them write better drafts for formal essays and will help them feel more confident in timed-writing assignments.
  5. Then I will direct the students’ attention to the front board to practice some antecedent-pronoun relationships. I will have prewritten 3 examples on the board.
  6. The students will complete a practice worksheet on antecedents to assess their knowledge. If time permits, we will have students switch their papers with a partner and correct the answers as I read them.
Pronouns and Antecedent PowerPointComputerOverhead ProjectorWhiteboardWhiteboard markersPencilsPaper

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