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Understanding and Using Verb Tense

Module by: Katherine Mendonca-Notterman. E-mail the author

Summary: This lesson takes about three days and helps students understand verb tense. At the end of the lesson they should be able to write a parapgraph in past, present, and future tense.

This Lesson helps students learn verb tense. Although this is presented as one lesson it can and should take up to three days.

Lesson Objective (s)

For the student to become familiar with verb tense. The student will be able to match 7 irregular past tense verbs.

Standard(s) Addressed

Grade 4: 1.3 Identify and use regular and irregular verbs, adverbs, prepositions, and coordinating conjunctions in writing and speaking.


Past, Present, Future Chart

Verb Tense Paragraph

Paper and Pencil

Name of Strategy/Activity Verb Tense Time Warps


Use Past, Present, Future chart. Ask students to place events in the correct column.

Have the student choose one of the events from the columns and compose a sentence about it on a paper.

Have a variety of verbs on the board and ask the student which tense each verb is.

Point out that a verb(s) in a sentence tell, not only what happens, but also when.

Explain that sometimes writers confuse their readers by changing verb tenses when they should be consistent.

Show the students the paragraph with the different verb tenses.

Have students identify which words are verbs and what tense they are.

Have the student write the paragraph in present, past, and future tense.


English Learners: These students should be read all the words several times before the lesson starts. They should work with a partner.

Special Needs: Should be expected to work at their own pace and may be given less words if needed. This is a good time to have them work with a peer tutor.

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