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Java Programming (Objects and Classes, Control Structures, Arrays)

Module by: Vincent Chung. E-mail the author

Summary: Algorithm, Pseudocode, Flow Chart

Syllabus: Java Programming (Objects and Classes, Control Structures, Arrays)

Exercise 1

Define the terms “algorithm”, “program” and “pseudocode”. Explain the differences and the relationship among these three concepts.

Exercise 2

Explain the three basic constructs of algorithm in Java Programming context: Sequence, Selection and Iteration with one example each.

Exercise 3

Design an algorithm by using both the pseudocode and flowchart to find the smallest number in an (unsorted) list of numbers.

Example 1

Design an algorithm and draw the flow chart for the following:


student register a Bachelor Degree through online portal

student make the payment via online payment

student read the course material/learning content

student attend the classes

if the student not understand topic then discuss with Instructor in LMS

if the question too long then send via email

complete the assessment

send the assessment via online assessment system

repeat step 3 until 8

attend the final examination

get the grade

Flow Chart


Figure 1: Flow Chart describing Online Registration, Learning and Assessments.
Flow Chart
Flow Chart

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