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Systematic Design of Technology-Based Instruction

Module by: Teresa Hill. E-mail the author

Summary: Instructional analysis of the learner and the learning goal will provide additional insight for the instructor regarding what is to be learned and the actions of the learner to complete the tasks. Users of this module will be provided with a sample learning goal and goal analysis that will also serve as a guideline for creating an instructional analysis of their own.

Learning Goal Analysis

Systematic Design of Technology-Based Instruction

Title of the Instructional Unit: Pioneers of Computers

Learning Goal:Students will complete a two part assignment. Given a list of pioneers, students will locate and identify key contributions made by each listed individual. After information is gathered-students will plan, construct and edit document using Microsoft Word to include a photo of each pioneer and an auto shape callout displaying a summation of identified information. Tutorial will be provided for how to insert Auto shape Callouts.

Goal Analysis:Learning goal consist of the use of psychomotor skills and intellectual skills. The above learning goal will be performed by seventh grade students with basic operating knowledge of a PC, Windows XP and Office 2003. To perform goal students will turn on computer and click Internet Explorer icon. Next, type in, enter search term, determine site that will provide most information, deduce information and record key facts. After this procedure is complete for all listed individuals- students will click Microsoft Word icon, type heading, copy and paste photo of pioneer, insert call out next to pioneer and type information. Document will be saved to an electronic folder and to an external medium (disk or pin drive).

Additonal Resource

Video of ADDIE Model for Instructional Design (2:59)

Figure 1: Video: "ADDIE Model for Instructional Design". Click the Play button to start the movie.

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