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Saint Peter's Prep - Bleasdale

Module by: Jesuit Virtual Learning Academy. E-mail the author

Thread: Personal

Subgroup: Individual/Group

Foci: 6 plus years

Program Title: Faculty formation for the already formed

Contact Person/Office: Jane Bleasdale ( )

School: St. Peter’s Prep

Program Description: The formation for the already formed group offers continued personal support and interaction for faculty beyond their first five years. We meet once or twice a year for lunch to rekindle old connections, and catch up with our peer group. Meetings are for years 5 – 10, 10 – 15 etc

Rationale: Teachers are busy people and rarely make time for themselves and their professional relationships during the school day. The connection with peers that began in a school at the same time as us is unique. This is an opportunity to celebrate commitment to mission, friendship, longevity and reminisce.

Leadership: Director of faculty formation schedules, conversation and meetings led informally by participants.

Implementation: Implemented by the director of faculty formation after discussions with veteran teachers about how best to support their mission

Processes and Resources: Once a semester scheduled, lunch provided

Finances: $1000 per year

Rewards: Increased conversation between departments, teachers feel appreciated, desire for more time to meet and collaborate.

Time (When/Length): Once a semester for one hour

Location/Space: Formation office

Accountability/Assessment: Verbal feedback, online surveys evaluating formation opportunities.

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