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Ignatian Themes Workshop - Couture

Module by: Jesuit Virtual Learning Academy. E-mail the author

  1. Topic: Life of St. Ignatius Loyola

Objective: to understand how St. Ignatius’s spiritual journey led to the school I now work in and its mission of “help of souls”.

Sample resources: Ignatian Project (DVD out of SI SF), The World is Not Enough (DVD from Loyola Productions), Pioneers of the Spirit (DVD from Trinity Television Collection), Life of St. Ignatius (DVD from Fairfield University)

  1. Topic: Society of Jesus in the world today

Objective: to appreciate the Jesuit and Church network with which my school resides so as see my role as educator in this setting.


  • How Jesuits got in the business of education (Plan B)- Massena
  • Jesuit governance- school, province, and international level
  • Register on JSEA website
  • Other secondary and presecondary schools in my province
  • Do You Speak Ignatian, published by Xaiver University
  • JSEA Educator Profile
  1. Topic: What are the Exercises?

Objective: to understand the basic movements of the Spiritual Exercises and how they are related to my prayer (Examen), my teaching (IPP), and my school’s way of proceeding (Discernment of Spirits)


  • What are the Exerises, how were they created, and how are they generally used?
  • Four weeks overview
  • My prayer: praying the Examen
  • My teaching: basic overview of IPP
  • My school’s way of proceeding: an overview of discernment of spirits
  1. Topic: Catholic 101

Objective: to better know, love, and serve the Church in which the Jesuit charism resides


  • What is Eucharist?
  • What is a priest?
  • Apostle’s Creed- what does a Catholic believe?
  • ACRE assesement to gauge strengths and weaknesses of my Catholic faith
  • Theology update- at least on par with graduating senior at my school
  1. Topic: A Faith that Does Justice

Objective: to better see that our Catholic faith in the Jesuit tradition calls us to be in solidarity with the poor, attend to the corporal works of mercy, and help bring about justice for those marginalized.


  • Pedro Arrupe and his refounding of the Society (resource: DVD put out by Georgetown University)
    • Men and Women for Others in imitation of Christ
  • Overview of how our students are formed for service and how I might participate
  1. Topic: St. Ignatius, the patron Saint of retreats

Objective: to see how student and faculty/staff participation in retreats is central to our mission as a Jesuit school


  • History of Jesuit retreats
  • Why Jesuit retreat ministry is central to the Exercises
  • Retreats at my school- how can I get involved?
  • Making my own retreat
  1. Topic: Cura Personalis

Objective: to better connect St. Ignatius’ worldview as creation being good to my school’s mission to care for the whole person.


  • The lives of our students: shadowing a student for a day
  • Resources for special needs, retention
  1. Topic: You are an Ignatian Leader

Objective: to own my role in the mission from the start; to motivate myself to use my gifts and get involved in the life of the school.

  1. Topic: (Re)introduction to Contemplative Prayer

Objective: to practice Ignatian forms of contemplative prayer to personally interiorize the heart of the Ignatian charism, to know oneself as a loved sinner yet called to follow Christ in his life, death, and resurrection.

Resources/activities: Loyola Press series introduction to prayer, Armchair Mystic by Mark Thhbodeaux, guided Examen, guided Ignatian contemplation of scripture (Bill Creed, SJ version)

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