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Example Module from a Slide Importer

Module by: Testing Account. E-mail the author

Based on: Adding Multimedia to Your Connexions Content by Connexions, Adan Galvan, Mark Husband, Daniel Williamson

Summary: This is just an example to show how a module might look that was created from a tool specialized to help authors embed a set of slides, publish them on a slide sharing site, and also make them available in source format so they can be adapted.


These slides are meant to go with the Connexions authoring guide. Students can use the slides on their own and faculty can use them to teach workshops on authoring Connexions' modules.

Online viewable slides

SlideShare Version

Figure 1
Connexions: Create Globally, Educate Locally

Test your knowledge

Exercise 1

Which license does Connexions use?

  1. CC-BY-NC
  2. CC-BY
  3. CC-BY-SA


Connexions uses the CC-BY license, making it possible for anyone to reuse the content as long as they give proper attribution.

Exercise 2

Is it possible to translate and adapt modules in Connexions?


Absolutely. Authors create "derived copies" of existing modules and translate them. The system makes sure the translated work points back to the original work.

Prezi Version

Figure 2


After reading through the slides, you might want to try a few exercises.

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