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Original Motion Picture Devices

Module by: Taylor Tracy. E-mail the author

Summary: This is a small amount of information about Thomas Edison's inventions, the kinetograph and kinetoscope. These were the original motion picture camera (kinetograph)and the viewer for the films (kinetoscope).

Taylor Tracy

The inventor of the motion picture and what makes them was Thomas Alva Edison in the United States. He invented two machines to do this the kinetograph (the camera or device to capture it) and the kinetoscope (the viewer or device that allows you to watch the motion picture). Edison had invented the phonograph which recorded sound, which is why he wanted to invent “an instrument which does for the Eye what the phonograph does for the Ear”. They already had the photograph and camera, so he just had to invent something that could take quick multiple pictures and then something separate to shine a light through them to show the video. The first kinetoscope only let one person watch from a hole in the top as shown in the picture. Later they invented the projector (which needed light from the sun in order to be seen [light bulbs were not bright enough] and had no sound) which allowed many people to watch the motion picture at the same time. They entertained people during that time, along with live theaters. Now both of the machines are upgraded (our video cameras, movie theaters, and T.V.s have color, clearer, sound, and are electric).

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