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Using the <audio> tag


The audio tag is used to place audio files, such as MP3, WAV, and AIFF, into modules. Any audio file with a valid MIME type can be included on the page.



<media id="chromatic-snd" display="block" 
       alt="A chromatic scale performed on
       the clarinet by Michael Lawrence">
  <audio mime-type="audio/x-wav" 
         src="chromatic_slurred.wav" />

Results in this display:

Audio File: chromatic_slurred.wav

Attributes(what's this?)

Children(what's this?)

param, term, cite, cite-title, foreign, emphasis, sub, sup, code, preformat, quote, note, list, audio, flash, video, java-applet, image, labview, download, Unicode text

Parents(what's this?)

media, audio, flash, video, java-applet, image, labview, download
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